Meet Automobili Pininfarina's Team on its Mission to Make the World Love EV

Automobili Pininfarina

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"I think Automobili Pininfarina is the only one in the whole market right now who dares to take on this challenge to combine #sustainability and #luxury. I'm very positive that the market is going to love our products and our #vision." - Judy Zhu, Head of Strategy and Evaluation China

"It's important that everybody, even if it's just a small change, contributes to a #sustainable #environment." - René-Christopher Wollmann, Product Platform Director Sports Cars.

In October 2019, the Automobili Pininfarina team came together to discuss how we bring the #pedaltothemetal and make #EV truly loved around the world. Conversations were fueled by the inspiring surprise guest speaker and Automobili Pininfarina partner Mate Rimac.

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